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I drop memes and stamps around here a lot. As well as possible manips or whatever. I dont know what I really use this for but hey its here so whatever really. Follow for all your journal meme needs I guess.
First things first are the rules;

1) Don't change any of the questions.

2) Send a link back to the original/blank meme if you use this. That way if someone sees your filled-out version of this meme and want to do it too they won't have to go through the hassle of looking/finding the blank version if you provide the link. (lmao no thanks)

3) Once you've filled out your favourite shippings you can't change them just to fit a specific question afterwards!

4) Have fun!


Now just fill out 5 of your favourite shippings;

These can be canon, non-canon, yuri (female/female), yaoi (male/male), OC (Original Character), canon/OC, crackship, or whatever the hay else you just gotta ship.
(these are not necessarily in order of favorites but just what comes to mind first yo)

[1] Haeler (Alex/Jael)
[2] Jerden (Jerrold/Arden)
[3] Jeylex (Alex/Jey)
[4] CraftKnight (Sebastian/Christopher)
[5] Vilex (Alex/Viola) mind is very one sided with things apparently


LET'S START THE MEME! excited happy

Q1) What made you start shipping pairing [2]?
i mean they are the classic trope really - best friends since childhood and they just do everything together and they are adorable what is there not to ship really

Q2) How long have you shipped pairing [3]?
its been about a year actually. probably shipped it longer than that but the first official jeylex thing happened 22nd of this month last year so the anniversary is coming up reeeeeal soon!

Q3) What fandom is pairing [1] from, if they're from a fandom?
no fandoms
unless you call the trilogy a fandom idk

Q4) Roleplay time! It's winter, it's snowing, and pairing [2] is out for a walk, until partner [A] gets the grand idea to shove snow down partner [B]'s back. How does partner [B] react?
i can definitely imagine this with jerden, arden would be far too spaced out for things and jerrold would try to get him to focus on things so there would be snow involved. and it would lead into a snowball fight. cause cutes <3

Q6) Pairing [3] go on a trip to the mall. What happens?
alex would spoil the living shit out of jey with everything
end of story

Q7) Back to questions. Does anyone else ship pairing [4] or are you forever alone shipping them?
i think there are people who ship these dorks together
i dont know why but im fairly sure im not alone with my craftknight addictions

Q8) Is pairing [5] canon, or non-canon? If it's non-canon, do you wish it was canon?
these cutes are very much canon oh yes <3

Q9) Is anyone in pairing [2] involved in another ship that you just hate, hate, hate?
not that i know of? idk if people ship my characters with anyone that im not aware of? tho if you do please do let me know cause i want in on that stuff yo

Q10) Does pairing [4] have a song that perfectly represents them? If so, what it's called and who's it by?
temple of thought from poets of the fall is one of those songs that i always somehow associate with these two and i still dont know why

Q11) Roleplay time again. Pairing [3] go on a date. Does it go smoothly or end horribly?
..i have hard time imagining these two even going on a date
they have such a platonic bromance relationship together and its so precious and aaaaah
tho i guess if jael wasnt around to mess things up i guess they would go pretty smoothly with these two

Q12) Drama time! Partner [A] from pairing [1] trips and accidentally kisses partner [B] from pairing [5], and their partners catch them kissing. How do they react?
..this is a weird scenario cause both of these pairs include alex so its either him kissing viola, jael kissing alex or jael kissing viola and just like
yeah i dont even know just the later one would be a weird thing but in some way i feel like all of these would be just entirely fine with everyone you know

Q13) Pairing [1] get turned into animals all of the sudden (or humans, if they're already animals). How do they react to this?
that would be weird
im sure tho that some way they would both be fine with it cause their lives are already fucked up enough with stuff so this would just be another tiny bump on the road for them
i feel like jey would be much more freaked out about that tbh

Q14) Question time again. If you had to stop shipping one pairing, which one would it be?
how dare you
oh god why
i dont wanna
fuck you
...out of these it would probably have to be jerden no matter how much i hate the thought of doing that

Q15) Are you obsessed with pairing [4]?
i feel like not as much as with the other ones, but hell yes definitely
my tiny precious children <33

Q16) Is pairing [5] from a movie/show/anime or a book/comic/manga?
nope they are original

Q17) Do you write fanfictions for pairing [2]?
i write for all of these yo

Q18) Did you ever actually dislike one of your pairings until one day you just shipped it?
i didnt really disliked it but i was against the whole craftknight deal at the beginning cause of things, but that just really changed for some reason and just yeah
here we are now oops

Q19) Let's crackship this place! Put each name in all five pairings on a separate piece of paper and throw them in a hat/box/whatever. Shuffle them, then pick out the names. Each two names picked is a new crackship. Don't cheat. What are the new ships?
lets see, this is kinda hard to arrange since alex is like part of three of these but whatever
..out of these i dont ship any of these so like.. yeah. what even

Q20) Some more roleplaying. Partner [B] in pairing [5] accidentally walks in on partner [A] in a awkward situation. What happens?
well i mean
these two have been together for so long and are married and everything i dont think there would really be an awkward situation here that would make anything uncomfortable or anything

Q21) How did pairing [4] meet? If you don't know, how about roleplaying it?
they originally met at chris' graduation party, how they became a couple happened like a year later cause sebastian is a douchy boss

Q22) Pairing [3] is watching a scary movie. Partner [B] gets scared. Does partner [A] comfort them, or make the situation worse by scaring them more?
first of all i dont even know which one of these two would get scared about a movie but i really feel like if jey was scared, alex would just really make it worse for everyone cause he works in terrible ways

Q23) Partner [A] from pairing [2] is being overly dramatic about something. What's partner [B]'s reaction to them?
i have a hard time imagining jerrold being overly dramatic about anything but whatever it would be arden would take it very seriously cause thats just how they work together
if arden was being overly dramatic with things tho jerrold would just shrug it off cause thats how the man always is

Q24) Pairing [1] get turned into kids for a day and pairing [4] have to care for them. How's it go?
this is really the worst set of people for this question like wow
chris would probably at least try to get things to work, sebastian wouldnt give a damn and haeler would just be the worst possible tiny children ever

Q25) Partner [B] in pairing [3] gets genderbent. What's partner [A]'s reaction to them?
im pretty sure alex would be rather weirded out by this but im sure he would be accepting of the situation you know
cause he doesnt really care
to him jey would just be as pretty not even depending the gender yay

Q26) Last question. What's your favourite pairing out of all the other pairings you listed earlier?
im total trash for all of these cause im a nerd
but for fucks sakes its always haeler
it always has been and it always will be
my precious tiny children <3

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