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So basically its just stamps. Linearts. Lit tags probably if I make more of them. Possibly if I ever get back into the game for them then some manips too. Adoptable characters? I dont even know. Stay tuned to find out I guess and we shall discover the future together.
Oh yes and also memes. Cause why not. Why not post all the annoying meme journals here where people can just unwatch and wont miss anything important heck yeah.
cause this episode is like +50 minutes long and i lack of concentration
so here have a thing

1. Kissed your cousin: nope
2. Ran away: nope
3. Pictured your crush naked: nope
5. Broken someone's heart: probably
6. Been in love: yea
7. Cried when someone died: sure
8. Wanted someone you knew you couldn't have: yea
9. Broken a bone: nope
-insert question 10 tho-
11. Lied: sure havent we all
12. Cried in school: yea

~> * Which is better * <~

13. Coke or Pepsi: coke
14. Sprite or 7UP: sprite
15. Girls or Guys: i dont really care people suck in general
16. Flowers or candy: candy
17. Scruff or Clean shaved: i like both but probably clean
19. Blondes or Brunettes: i dont really care
20. Bitchy or Slutty: whats with the slut shaming dude not cool
21. Tall or Short: taaaaaaaaaaaaaaaall but it doesnt really matter to me really
22. Pants or Shorts: pants i guess

~> * With the opposite sex * <~

23: What do you notice first: laugh, or eyes
24. Last person you slow danced with: havent danced so woo
25. Worst Question To Ask: anything invasive like dude. not cool

~> * The Last time * <~

26. Showered: couple of days ago
27. Had Sex: neverrr

~> * What is (your favorite) * <~

29. Your Good Luck Charm: dont have one
30. Person You Hate Most: mmmmmmm i have couple
31. Best Thing That Has Happened: thats still to come tbh
32. Color: blue, black and white
33. Movie: shaun of the dead
36. Cars: i dont really care
37. Ice Cream: anything with chocolate in it really
39. Season: fall
40. Breakfast Food: i dont do breakfast but cereals are pretty nice

~> * Who * <~

43. Makes you laugh the most: friendsssss
44. Makes you smile all the time: friendssssss
45. Can make you feel better no matter what: friendssssss
46. Has A Crush On You: noooooooobody
47. Do You Have A Crush On Someone: nope im over that phase again
48. Who Has it easier? Girls or Guys?: what kind of fucking question is this fuck you
50. Gives you A Funny Feeling When You See Them: idk

~> * Do you Ever * <~

50. Sit by the phone waiting for a phone call all night: nope
51. Save MSN conversations: not anymore cause fuck that noise that shit is so old news
52. Save Emails: i have couple really important ones yes
53. Wish you were someone else: nah
54. Wish you were a member of the opposite sex: nah im in peace with what i am right now
57. Perfume: nope
58. Kiss: pfffff
59. Romantic memory: dont have one. unless you want me to tell that ridiculous very nonromantic brony story again cause i love sharing that one yep. and its romantic in a sense that my friends were trying to set my up with this guy for a date so pfffff it counts

~> * Have you * <~

61. Fallen for your best friend?: he wasnt a best friend but a really close dear friend yea
62. Made out with JUST a friend?: sure
63. Been rejected: yep
64. Been in love?: yep
65. Been in lust?: nope
66. Used someone?: im sure some people can count that so whatever really
67. Been used: sure
68. Cheated on someone?: no i could never
69. Been cheated on?: no especially since there is no such things as relationships for me
70. Been kissed?: yea
71. Done something you regret?: havent we all

~> * The Last Person * <~

72. You touched?: uuuuuuuh shit
73. You talked to?: my brother
74. You hugged?: probably my mom cause i love hugging her every time we see each other
75. You instant messaged?: do twitter dms count cause then its becky
76. You kissed?: thats none of your business tho
78. You yelled at?: my brother cause why nottt
80. Who broke your heart?: me
81. Who told you they loved you?: there hasnt been such silly people ha

~> * Do you * <~

82. Color your hair? always
83. Have tattoos? NOT YET
84. Have piercings? NOT YET
85. Have a boyfriend/girlfriend? nope never
86. Own a webcam? my laptop has one?
87. Own a thong? nope
88. Ever get off the damn computer? hell no this thing is my life
89. Sprechen Sie Deutsch? oh speak german? like... no
90. Habla espanol? nah
91. Quack?: nope im more of a meowing type

~> * Have you. Do you. Are you * <~

92. Stolen anything? sure like. not from a store or anything but like. taken things from my brother sure
93. Smoke? nope
94. Schizophrenic? nope
95. Obsessive? about certain thing
96. Compulsive? not that i know of?
97. Obsessive compulsive? no?
98. Panic? no
99. Anxiety? definitely
100. Depressed? nope

i seriously need to find new memes to do everything is starting to repeat themselves again hnggggg shit

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